Our cutting-edge technology analyses collective fund performance, delivering insights into shifting strategies, rates of return and underlying fees. Advanced market monitoring, across complex funds worth trillions of dollars, provides a deeper understanding of the value, potential and appeal of specific funds giving investors the tools to make informed decisions.

Powerful differentiation

Get the data that matters with more intelligent analysis of the features that determine a fund’s success. Isolate key differentiators between funds and measure their impact on performance and strategy.

Decode expectations

We give you the ability to decipher the market’s expectation for reasonable returns, anticipate volatility and isolate periods of potential drawdowns. Review a fund’s strategy within the context of current market conditions and identify key points of value return and risk exposure.

Strategy analysis

Our platform puts the power to uncover funds’ strategies in your hands. Get deep insights into how and why a fund’s performance may change, as well as the risk factors most likely to impact performance. Evaluate any fund with the benefit of AI driven technology which delivers measurable insights for informed decisions.

Market appetite

Gauge and track changing market and investor appetite for any fund with pinpoint analysis on the underlying characteristics most likely to appeal to other investors. Anticipate shifts in investor confidence for a fund as market conditions and risk factors change over time.


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