Irithmics for PR

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AI technology helping PR and IR advisors maximise effective communication of listed corporates with institutional investors.

Consistently measure the likely sensitivity and reaction of your listed corporate client’s institutional investors to news, data and information.
Track and understand how historical trends have impacted investors and proactively track how changing situations might influence investors.
Benefit from data-driven intelligence to help anticipate investor reactions to news and guide your listed corporate clients with your professional expertise.

Irithmics for PR is the first artificial intelligence (AI) platform to provide financial public and investor relations advisors with technology, enabling them to enhance how listed corporate clients understand and manage the impact of news on institutional investors.


Advisors benefit from a dashboard overview, highlighting Irithmics’ AI assessment of the reactivity of investors across their client portfolio. Transforming how advisors understand and anticipate the requirements and expertise their listed clients are likely to require of them.

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Drill down to understand how historical trends in news and data have impacted investors, recognise trends and emerging patterns to help proactively guide listed clients though appropriate communications strategies relevant to developing market sensitivities.

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Provide data-driven intelligence highlighting the effectiveness of communications strategies or better understand where these can be improved, helping listed clients make informed decisions.

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Alerts & notifications

Automatically receive email alerts when Irithmics considers listed client’s investors to have significantly altered sensitivity to news or when their anticipation of news has shifted, helping craft effective communication strategies to address and mitigate volatile reactions.

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