AI-enhanced Insights Into Capital Markets

Decoding investor behaviour.

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At Irithmics we provide a powerful artificial intelligence platform that analyses key decisions of global institutional investors to pinpoint changes in market dynamics and trends as they develop.


Gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics with highly valuable insights into why markets change and how these impact collective portfolio weighting.


Isolate individual drivers influencing behaviour for a clearer picture of the reasons behind investment decisions. Analyse and target specific investor behaviours driving market movement.


Identify how investors and fund managers influence market dynamics with data driven estimates providing a comprehensive breakdown of strategic influence.

We provide an award-winning artificial intelligence platform which measure, monitor and anticipates market behaviours based on machine-powered deep learning and analysis. Our proprietary technology analyses key decisions from over 250,000 global institutional investors and funds covering a wide range of portfolios and individual stocks to help our clients identify the drivers behind market movement.


Measure the impact of changing market views, institutional investor behaviour and market driving forces to identify key trends influencing portfolio weighting.


Monitor prevailing appetite and expectations against developing investment behaviour for greater understanding of the reasons behind shifts in both investor and market analysts’ views.


Anticipate investor behaviour and expectations before they materialise with machine driven deep learning analysis that of global portfolios to uncover trends and patterns that drive key investment decisions.

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