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Unparalleled market intelligence from our advanced AI driven platform provides greater visibility on investor views, outlook and strategy. Enhance proactive advisory analysis and help guide your clients with key data-driven insights into behavioural changes and the impact of news and events.

Identify drivers behind market movement

Our proprietary technology analyses key decisions from over 250,000 global institutional investors and funds covering a wide range of portfolios and individual stocks to help our clients indentify the drivers behind market movement.

Emerging Trends

Quickly identify factors affecting market performance, from changes in implied target price to sensitivity to news. Develop a more proactive advisory approach with data that isolates the key reasons behind the trends which can impact sentiment, quickly and accurately.

Valuable Advice

Our at-a-glance dashboard puts powerful insights at your fingertips providing a complete picture of current market conditions. Anticipate and meet your client’s investors’ need for high value information and analysis.

Instant Alerts

Our instant alerts give you a head start on the competition, notifying you immediately of changes in market sensitivity so that you can anticipate and mitigate volatile reactions before they happen.

Gauge Market Views

Help your clients make informed decisions with a wealth of data and analytics that clearly identify reasons behind shifting market views.

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We provide an award-winning artificial intelligence platform which measure, monitor and anticipates market behaviours based on machine-powered deep learning and analysis.

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