Asset Managers

Get enhanced portfolio insights into how changing views, strategies and expectations of other market participants is likely to affect their portfolio. Our advanced, constant market monitoring allows fund managers to proactively manage portfolios, analysing the impact of wider strategic and tactical market behaviour on constituents of their portfolio, rebalancing where required and managing risk more intelligently.

Identify drivers behind market movement

Our proprietary technology analyses key decisions from over 250,000 global institutional investors and funds covering a wide range of portfolios and individual stocks to help our clients indentify the drivers behind market movement.

Portfolio Analysis

Our deep learning AI platform provides intelligent insights and analysis into overall portfolio performance as well as potential exposure to the behaviour of other investors and market participants. See likely P&L risk for a variety of market behaviours as well as gauging portfolio sensitivity to news and events.

Strategic Awareness

Fund managers benefit from greater strategic awareness, with the ability to evaluate portfolio weighting against the prevailing behaviour of longer-term investors, traders and systematic strategies as well as potential vulnerability to shorting. Allocate capital and evaluate risk with implied price targets for individual companies within a portfolio.

Gauge Market Views

Evaluate changing investor appetite and sentiment by quickly identifying the intensity of behavioural drivers behind a broad range of market activity.

Performance Expectations

Quickly view the strategic performance of a portfolio against current market conditions with insights into investor appetite and the impact of volatility. Screen and monitor performance to enhance risk management and reporting and identify intelligent rebalancing opportunities with detailed weighting analysis.

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We provide an award-winning artificial intelligence platform which measure, monitor and anticipates market behaviours based on machine-powered deep learning and analysis.

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