We offer over 20 different metrics to provide corporate clients with exceptional market intelligence. Insights into the effect of strategic and tactical portfolio allocations and adjustments allows our clients to develop compelling investment cases which resonate with investors. Analysis on market sensitivity to news and data helps corporates clearly explain market movement, investor appetite and the impact of volatility so that they can plan more effective investor engagement.

Identify drivers behind market movement

Our proprietary technology analyses key decisions from over 250,000 global institutional investors and funds covering a wide range of portfolios and individual stocks to help our clients indentify the drivers behind market movement.


Our state-of-the-art AI technology provides a wide range of powerful metrics for corporate clients. Get at-a-glance information on market activity including longer-term strategic investor appetite and views, expectations, behavioural drivers like sensitivity to news and data and the vulnerability to selling or shorting of individual stocks in portfolios.


Corporate clients gain enhanced insights into market trends, views and investor behaviour based on deep learning analysis of behavioural changes from over 250,000 global institutional investors and funds. The perceptiveness of our machine-driven analysis highlights estimated strategic and tactical portfolio adjustments and isolates trends and behaviours likely to influence investors.

Market Intelligence

We provide corporate professionals with actionable market intelligence that evaluates and monitors investor expectations, measuring the impact of stock performance or potential corporate actions like stock buy-backs and analyses possible merger and acquisition activity.

Comparative Analysis

Review longer-term strategic investing versus shorter-term tactical trading activity, compare investors’ appetite and views for individual stocks’ against peers, competitors or specific trading behaviour or gain deeper insights into P&L vulnerabilities. Our analysis tools provide powerful insights into market performance against specific, relevant criteria. Get graphs, regularly updated heatmaps and indicators that deliver fast, powerful data when you need it.

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We provide an award-winning artificial intelligence platform which measure, monitor and anticipates market behaviours based on machine-powered deep learning and analysis.

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