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By Gavin Holt

Posted on 14 May 2020
5 minute read

How artificial intelligence is changing the dynamics between activist investors and public companies.

In recent years significant developments in the mobilisation and usability of big data, coupled with parallel advancements in computational resources and machine learning frameworks, have helped usher in a new era for artificial intelligence research, technology and applications.

These days, AI has been described as ‘the new electricity’, ‘data’ has been described as ‘the new oil’ and elite AI engineers referred to as 'rock-stars' - a phrase not traditionally associated with scientists and mathematicians. Real-world AI applications are part and parcel of everyday life, and few industry leaders consider AI not worthy of serious attention. Indeed, for many it’s a case of when, not if AI-driven products, services and business processes become ubiquitous across their enterprises.

This is well demonstrated across ‘big finance’ where billions have been pumped into transforming risk management, client advisory services and trading operations - to name but a few application areas.

But does AI have the potential to automate and democratise those parts of finance previously off limits to all but the most powerful players?

Irithmics CEO Grant Fuller sat down with Adrian Croft of Fortune Magazine to explore this question, particularly in relation to the rise of Investor Activism and its increasing relevance in an age of forensic scrutiny of a company’s ESG and sustainability credentials in addition to more traditional economics performance and shareholder value.

The article published earlier this year offers an intriguing glimpse into the potential of AI for market participants not previously in a position to access the intelligence and insight needed to launch a credible activist campaign, or defence thereof.

The full article can be viewed here.

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