Fifty Shades of IPO - Webinar

By Irithmics

Posted on 8 March 2022
1 minute read

AI analysis of Arm’s Nasdaq v. London Stock Exchange listing decisions

Fifty Shades of IPO webinar (Tuesday 29 March 2022)

Fifty Shades of IPO webinar (Tuesday 29 March 2022)

Fundamentally, stock exchanges are ecosystems where those with capital provide it to those seeking capital.

We are aware how diversity and the dynamics of ecosystem participants affects the biodiversity and ecology of our natural world, but it also shapes the behaviour, integrity and stability of capital markets.

While the worlds’ stock exchanges might perform the same technical function, they are environments of very different investor ecosystems. This raises the obvious question: which ecosystem is most conducive for the company, its future and its investors? Unfortunately, the answer is less obvious.

Nevertheless, this question is important for corporates, their executive management, capital markets advisors and private investors. The significance of the question is seen most strikingly in IPOs - the moment a private company becomes exposed to public markets.

While each company is different, and appeals to different investors, there are similarities in how different investors decide to allocate and reallocate their portfolio capital and risk. These differences and similarities have a significant impact of market performance and success of a company’s IPO.

In some cases the choice of where to IPO is straightforward, but in others it’s more nuanced.

In this webinar, Grant Fuller presents some Irithmics AI research and analysis to help understand the diversity, dynamics and behaviour differences Arm are likely to faces between ecosystems of Nasdaq and the London Stock Exchange.

Irithmics AI research and analysis exposes some intriguing characteristics of both market, providing corporates, capital markets advisors and investors with powerful insights which can shape their choices and actions.

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