Irithmics in the News - "Irithmics’ Supply & Demand Pressure Forecasts Aren’t Just About Alpha"

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Posted on 17 March 2021
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Irithmics was featured in an article by the quantitative finance journal Wilmott. The article traces our origins from public health epidemiology, to applying AI to discover novel global institutional investment dynamics and fund strategy analysis.

The following extract is provided courtesy of Wilmott Electronic Media Limited.

AI platform Irithmics’ deep neural network approach maps 250,000 global investor’s behavior, identifying and establishing patterns. It’s mission: to decode where the behavior of asset managers suggests there is alpha and risk in order to anticipate others anticipations …

A powerful AI platform originally developed with the goal of putting Deep Neural Networks to work on European public health policy issues has steadily gained a reputation for being one of the most compelling technologies available to financial markets participants.

Founded in 2012, Irithmics’ deep roots in public health epidemiology made an application of the platform’s AI to the information asymmetries that characterize the financial markets a natural development, particularly given the finance industry background of its CEO Grant Fuller.

In 2018 Irithmics partnered with the London Stock Exchange to provide issuers with differentiated market intelligence and investor analytics. The platform’s AI analyses hundreds of thousands of portfolios from 250,000 global institutional investors and funds.

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