Irithmics in the News - "How are investors feeling ahead of the Centrica and AstraZeneca AGMs?"

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Posted on 8 May 2021
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The Armchair Trader uses Irithmics AI to explore the posture of institutional investors towards Centrica and AstraZeneca.

With both companies AGMs upcoming, Irithmics provided AI-analysis of how institutional investors’ views and expectations are evolving in the run up to (and aftermath of) these key events.

The following extract is provided courtesy of Armchair Trader Ltd

Today we are looking at the posture of institutional investors towards two companies with AGMs scheduled for next week – Centrica and AstraZeneca. Detailed reports, updating in real time, are available via the links below with insights created by powerful artificial intelligence from Irithmics. They are based on the activity of thousands of institutional investors globally.
The reporting provides an interesting insight into how investors are feeling about a stock going into the AGM, how they are positioning portfolios, both in terms of short term, speculative trading behaviour and also tactical and strategic allocations. These reports will continue to update 10 days after the AGM after which they will close. They will help to measure and monitor the changing investor behaviour in the wake of AGM events.

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Irithmics new Corporate Announcement Report provides analyses of institutional capital and risk allocation behaviour preceding and (where requested) immediately following, corporate announcements. The Irithmics Announcement Reports is intended to assist corporates and their professional advisors prepare for, and evaluate market impact of announcements.

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