Irithmics in the News - "Rentokil, BP and Antofagasta: how are institutional investors feeling about these stocks?"

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Posted on 12 May 2021
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In a busy week for AGMs, The Armchair Trader publish new insights into institutional investors' behaviour, and the subsequent market impact around these key events - all analyses powered by Irithmics' AI.

From an investor relations perspective it’s insightful to see how views are evolving as investors anticipate new data or change. A deeper dive into the data and analytics produced by Irithmics' AI can identify how and when corporates can strengthen their engagement with investors, but also expose where the relationship is vulnerable, weakening and eroding the credibility of management.

The following extract is provided courtesy of Armchair Trader Ltd

It is a busy week for AGMs with several big companies hosting investor meetings. It is also a great time for some analysis using cutting-edge artificial intelligence on how bigger investors in these stocks feel about them, both those who are of the longer term buy and hold persuasion, and the shorter term, more tactical trader.
We are including links to reports compiled by artificial intelligence specialist Irithmics which are updated in real time and will remain live for 10 days after the companies’ AGMs. These represent detailed analysis of how big investors like fund managers and pension funds are feeling about the company. It is possible to track changing views over time.

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Irithmics' new Corporate Announcement Report provides analyses of institutional capital and risk allocation behaviour preceding and (where requested) immediately following, corporate announcements. The Irithmics Announcement Reports is intended to assist corporates and their professional advisors prepare for, and evaluate market impact of announcements.

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