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By Irithmics

Posted on 16 June 2022
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How IR can strengthen or weaken a CEO with investors

IR & The CEO Webinar (23 Jun 2022)

IR & The CEO Webinar (23 Jun 2022)

Investors, through their willingness to allocate capital from which they seek to profit, vicariously support and approval of a company or the approach of its executive management and board.

Collectively this appetite (or reluctance) provides the basis of managerial learning and underpin much of investor perception analysis, roadshows, capital markets events, corporate access initiatives and analyst interviews, providing management with valuable insight into the views and expectations of investors.

Investor relations (IR) is ideally placed to measure, monitor and curate how information about a company, its management and operations affects investors and their allocation of capital.

This talk presents five actionable, data-driven steps which provide demonstrably impact for corporates, their executives and shareholders. Taken together these practical steps enable IR to demonstrate a program of investor engagement which enhances shareholder value and the legitimacy of the company, its CEO and executive management, and board.

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